The journey to becoming a pilot isn’t always the easiest one. It all started when I was 15, Looking up to the vast blue sky and knowing I had a place up there was an indescribable feeling. Unfortunately, when you talk aviation, you talk money and sadly I had to put away that dream for financial reasons.

I went ahead and studied computer science in varsity and worked as a freelance programmer for a couple of years, in 2014 things got better financially and I was able to rekindle the aviation fire in me and decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a commercial pilot.

In 2015, I started my pilot training in South Africa in a school called CM Aero Services under the instruction of veteran Pilot Cedric Mew. I earned my Private Pilot License 6 months down the line.

Things were looking very bright and then life suddenly decided to take a different turn and I could no longer continue my training on to commercial level.

I had to suspend my training indefinitely with no hope of ever resuming, I applied for scholarships and loans but to no avail and then it hit me hard that I might never be a commercial pilot.

That was the moment in my life when I had no other hope but God, people advised me to leave South Africa and return back to Nigeria but where there is a will they will always be a way. I didn’t let that break me and decided to take all my worries and sorrows to him and he raised a helper who chose to help me.

I finally resumed my commercial training in June 2017 and got my commercial license in August 2018.

A word for you friends, no matter what situation you find yourself, never let your dream die. Always believe there is a God up there and all he wants you to do is CALL ON HIM.